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Technology for health

​Every day, new inventions, ideas, and solutions for the most varied types of problems emerge in an increasing and accelerated manner. Society itself is always in motion, that is, constantly changing. Thus, whoever does not follow the hectic rhythm dictated by her,

ends up being left behind.

This is also what happens in the area of medicine. With the great contribution of technology, medicine has been developing and innovating more and more in various pathologies. Some examples in the advancement of medicine are: videolaparoscopy, robotics...


Less invasive treatments for pilonidal cysts, such as EPSiT and Diode Laser, are one of the most modern resources in the surgical procedure for the pathology. In addition, studies show a high success rate, in addition to providing numerous benefits and quality of life for the patient.

Find specialists who perform minimally invasive surgeries by accessing the website tab under "Partners" or clicking here.



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