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​Maybe our stories are similar, but I can guarantee you that in small details or great suffering we can transform ourselves into better people!

I'm Deborah or rather Debbie because that's how I'm called by my friends and family, I graduated in Marketing and the disease came to my attention through my twin sister, Dayana, who discovered the PILONIDAL CYST in her first pregnancy after moving to Sweden.

Day, in the seventh month of pregnancy, went through every crisis and reported how terrible those long and painful days were. I often say that the disease is even more unfair to pregnant women.


I got to know this chronic phase of the pathology six months later when I had my first pilonidal abscess.


Until the decision to undergo surgery, there were three more crises in four years, one worse than the other...

During that time I lost many opportunities, jobs, studies, my social life depended on the "mood" of my cyst. My life was completely shaped by my pain. I couldn't stand living this way any longer and I made the best choice: Surgical treatment!

I met my proctologist in November 2015 and placed all my trust in his excellent work.

​In two years of treatment I underwent several surgeries, unfortunately our disease can recur. During all this time I reported this phase on my social networks and the response was immediate!

Since the first "outburst" on Instagram, the great difficulty in obtaining information about Pilonidal Disease was clear. I received countless messages with reports from boys and girls, of all age groups, social classes... They didn't know which doctor to seek help from and I knew very well the importance of this knowledge!

I developed the CPGS project to provide support to sufferers and their families, to which I am completely committed and dedicated. I love what I do! I work every day with the aim of developing educational campaigns about Pilonidal Cyst/Pilonidal Disease in Brazil.

"Bloom where God plants you."

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