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​Social Project

Starting to change society doesn’t need big steps. In fact, there are countless examples of social projects with various diseases, whether proctological or not, that are transforming the lives of several people right now and that need donations (time, money or knowledge) so that these actions continue to exist.


We at CPGS believe that knowledge is the basis of the project, the objective is to share information with support and assistance as a priority.


Officially founded on September 14, 2015 by Debbie, today with more than 3 thousand members, the CPGS's challenge is to bring Pilonidal Disease or Pilonidal Cyst to society, working within our organization to grow in line with its values, principles and strengths.

If we are brave enough to think we can change the world, we certainly can!

"The only transformer, the only alchemist who changes everything into gold, is love. The only antidote against death, age, vulgar life, is love."


​Check out our first series!

​Research developed by CPGS.

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