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Maybe our stories are similar but I can assure you that in small details or great sufferings we have been able to transform ourselves into better people!

I'm Deborah or better, Debbie, I'm called by my friends and family this way.
The disease came to my knowledge through my twin sister, Dayana, who discovered the

PILONIDAL CYST in his first pregnancy after moving to Sweden.


Dayana in the seventh month of pregnancy went through every crisis and reported how terrible those long and painful days were. I often say that the disease is even more unfair to pregnant women.


I was able to know this chronic phase of the pathology six months later when I had my first pilonidal abscess.
Until the decision for the surgery were three more crises in four years, one worse than the other ...

In that time I lost many opportunities, jobs, studies, my social life depended on the "humor" of my cyst.

My life was completely shaped my pains.

I could not live like this anymore and I made the best choice: Surgical treatment!
I met my proctologist in November 2015 and I put all my trust in his excellent work.

Starting to change society does not need big steps.
In fact, there are countless examples of social projects with the various ailments, whether proctological or not, that are transforming a person's life in a minute and that are capable of doing the thing that still exists.


We at CPGS believe that knowledge is a basis for design, the goal is to share information as a priority of support and assistance


Officially founded on September 14, 2015 by Debbie, today with more than 3,000 members, the CPGS has as a challenge to bring to society a Pilonidal Disease or Pilonidal Cyst, in its area of knowledge, with its values, principles and powers.

If we are brave enough to think we can change the world, we certainly can!



In two years of treatment I underwent several surgeries, unfortunately our disease may recur.
During all this time I reported this phase on my social networks and the return was immediate!
Since the first "outburst" on the instagram, the great difficulty in information about Pilonidal Disease was notorious.
I received countless messages with reports from boys and girls, from all age groups, from social classes ... They did not know which doctor to seek help and I knew very well the importance of this knowledge!
I developed the CPGS project to give support and support to the patients and their families in which I am completely committed and dedicated. I love what I do!
I work every day with the objective of developing educational campaigns on the Pilonidal Cyst / Pilonidal Disease in Brazil.

"Bloom where God will plant you."

CPGS is a support and support group for


The group was created on September 14, 2015 by Debbie Signé who suffered for several years in search of answers to her multiple surgeries.

Today we are more than 2800 members in all digital platforms, the Youtube channel has more than 50 thousand views and the numbers continue to grow.

Promote information, research development and support.
Our mission is to alleviate the suffering of our caregivers and their families, seeking resources for medical, psychological, ambulatory, guidance and institutional lectures.


To be among the efficient and recognized philanthropic organizations within the specialty of coloproctology, to make Brazilian index for research development, to establish strategic partnerships ...

Transparent management.
Comprehensive, safe and individualized assistance.
Commitment to the institutional culture.

Members of the CPGS with suspected or proven diagnosis and their relatives.

                                   Tel.: (24) 998467201

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